2021 is almost a wrap!

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As 2021 comes to an end, my favorite part about the New Year is sitting with my family and friends and discussing our highs and lows for the year.  I would love to hear yours!  

With that, please let me wrap up 2021 with wishing you and yours a very blessed Holiday Season and share my highs and lows for the year:

My daughter gave birth to our first beautiful grandchild.  Little girl, or big girl as she weighted over 10lbs at birth!
Everyone I know who contracted COVID is alive and well
I am still COVID free, praise the good Lord
COVID did not have a negative impact on my real estate business
I got to attend a wedding for the son of one of my great friends.  It was a simple but beautiful wedding.
Celebrated 22 years of marriage this year, and 24 years together.
Our nephew had his first child, just last month.  The baby came early and spent 9 weeks in NICU but is home and doing well.
I was able to go see my family, in Kentucky, for Thanksgiving, and got to see my nephew which I haven't seen in 4 years.  That was super exciting!
Took a friend/family long weekend trip to Tennessee


Everything going on in the Country of Haiti.  I do missionary work there every year and my long-term goal is to move there and do missionary work full time so it breaks my heart to see a Country and people that I love suffer so badly.
Stomach issues caused from Stevia but has now been rectified.
My business slowing down the last 4 months of this year
The current real estate market.  I know I should be excited about it, but I feel so bad for hard working middle class who just want a part of the American Dream and in this market with offers coming in well over asking, no inspection periods, and multiple offers it is very hard for a buyer to compete.  Great for my sellers but not for my buyers.
Health concerns for past customers and family members.
Again, sharing highs and lows are a huge part of what I love about bringing in a new year.  I would love to sit down and discuss your real estate needs and hear your highs and lows from 2021 and what your plans are for 2022.

Blessings and have a blessed Holiday Season,

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