Another Year

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Well a new year is upon us and I know typical resolutions are to exercise, lose weight, stop smoking etc..  Several years ago I decided to make my resolutions about God and growing as a Christian.  My first resolution I made was for God to help me with pride.  My second resolution was to be more humble, and last year it was to stop telling white lies to avoid hurting others feelings. 
I have to admit this was the most challenging resolution but it helped me grow in other ways because I actually had to stop and think of ways to still tell the truth but to do it in a way that was not hurtful or damaging to those receiving my response. 
I have to admit I still fall short in many areas but thankful for the growth I get when I focus on God and being a better person for his glory, but isn't that what New Years is all about?  Getting another chance.....a chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, to stop worrying about what if and start looking forward to what will be!  For that matter...Isn't that what another day is for, another hour, another minute.  Don't take time for granted...pray to do better, love those when you have the chance, remember what is important and don't let a moment of wasted time pass you by.


Happy New Year!