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I know we all have questions that we seek answers to, that sadly since we are all human and have differing opinions I don't know if we will truly ever get the answers.  However, here are some of mine:


1.  Why do some people feel the need to spread hate?  If you don't believe in something like gay marriage why can't you keep that to yourself? Why do you feel the need to plaster your opinion all over social media regarding certain topics?  I would truly like to know and have a mature debate about why and why not.

2.  Isn't fair fair?  Simple questions....shouldn't you provide the same expectations that you expect?  Shouldn't we treat others the way we wish to be treated?

3.  Why is years of doing business in a certain field of work so important?  Isn't the character of the person more important than how long they have been working in that field?  For example, I have been doing real estate for 3 years now.  I took every step of this from the education, training, choosing my broker, etc, very seriously, which is true for everything that I do in life, as I want to do my best in anything I choose to do.  With that, I only missed 4 questions on my 1st exam and passed the state test the first time.  I went and interviewed several brokers and choose Coldwell Banker, because of Coldwell Banker University that all new agents must take.  Coldwell Banker also provides classes daily to help us be the best real estate agents we can be!  This is not about me bashing other agents or other brokers but I have had transactions with many seasoned real estate agents who do not follow the law and simply do not know what they are doing.  Do I know every aspect of the real estate business in my 3 years of doing real estate?  Of course not, but part of my always striving for excellence character trait is that I am not afraid to say I don't know and get that answer, as that is how we all get better, isn't it?

4.  I know I'm older and we are social media drivin world, but why is social media presence so important?  I am of belief that customer service is so much more important than me posting on facebook, instagram, etc.  I will do live videos of my listings as it brings more attention to listings and that is in the best interest of my customer but to put silly pictures on all these platforms when I could be caring for my customer is something I just can't wrap my head around.  With that my question is again, why is it so important to you as a consumer?  Would you rather see my social media post or for me to provide excellent customer service?

I have other questions I would love to hear your opinions on but we will pick that up another time.  Again, I truly want to know so please feel free to share your opinions via email at, my facebook page at, or when you call me to schedule our meeting for your free consultation.


Thank you and blessings to you all

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