As Thanksgiving Approaches

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As Thanksgiving approaches I think we all need to stop and reflect that we have many things to be thankful for, everyday.  I hope you, too, will stop and reflect on your daily life and things that we need to thank the good Lord for everyday.

1.  Being born in the United States.  That may seem weird, as I value the morals of many other countries, but as I travel I become more aware that we are very lucky to live here.  Let Freedom Ring!

2.  Electricity and running water

3.  Food on my table every night

4.  Loving family and friends

5.  Health

6.  Opportunties to be whatever I want to be

7.  Paved roads and a car to drive

8.  Salvation or freedom to practice any religion you choose.

9.  Medical care

10.  Education opportunities. 

The list could go on.  Take the Thanksgiving Challenge and find something to be thankful for everyday this month.