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Another opinion only...I was going through my facebook feed the other day and saw one of those things about people in Hollywood. I didn't click the link because I really don't care but for some reason I started to read the comments....One reader made a comment about people in Hollywood and the absence of God in their life. Yes, I will agree that was an assumption on his/her part, but it was done with tact and respectfully but there were a lot of additional comments on that remark, instead of whatever the link was about; some remarks were Oh Shut Up!
Ok here is my thing.....Why? Are you not a believer? Ok, your opinion was posted without comment, so why couldn't this persons opinion be posted without nasty comments? Is it because it was about God? Here is the thing, we followers of Christ know what a difference Christ makes in your life and is it wrong for us to want to share that joy with others, if done in a respectful way?
Also, it seems that we now live in a culture of overly sensitive people who get offended easily and are not friends with people who have different opinions other than their own. An example of this is people who unfriend people because you support one political party over another. Is that a love issue? I love my family and friends dearly some of which have different political opinion, among many other things than I do, does that mean I am no longer going to speak to them? NO!
Differences are an important part of growth. If we all thought alike, acted alike, etc who would we learn from, who would challenge our thought process etc? Diversity is a good thing so I leave you with this....embrace difference, challenge yourself, be kind and peaceful, and love others as someday that person may not be here to love! #knowyourealtor #love #lovemyjob #realestate #homes #clearwaterhomes #realtor