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Happy National Middle Child Day! Ok I am a middle child and have no idea what middle child syndrome is. My older brother thinks it is because for 7 years I was the baby and the only girl, even after my baby brother came along. With that I had to look up the traits of the middle child and since I am letting you get to know me as a person, not just your realtor, I will comment on each trait:

Trait 1: Low Self Esteem: No, I mean do I wish I was thinner, smarter, could sing better yes but I also know that God made me who I am and that I am going to be 47 years old this year and my health is more important than the size I wear so I just try to focus on my health. Singing is more than just opening your mouth, as I have learned from taking lessons. There is actually a lot of science behind it. Do some people just have a natural gift and do everything correctly, yes, but I am not one of them. Practice, Practice, Practice.
Trait 2: Feeling of being unworthy: Again No, I think this has to do with self esteem and I know that I am worthy. We are all worthy so if you are a middle child and feel this way I am so very sorry, but you are worthy and you are loved!
Trait 3: Unsocial: Again, no. I love to be out socializing. I love people and getting to know people
Trait 4: Trust Issues: Again no, I am probably too trustful. I believe in human kindness, until I am proven wrong. My husband Tom and I always say we are open books when our friends make a comment like that is too much information.
Trait 5: Attention seeking: No, I just live a simple life with my wonderful husband and both of us too many things to help others, without anyone knowing.
Trait 6: Extreme Behavior according to what I am reading this means too accommodating than turn rebellious: Ok I might have had this early on in life but I just thought it was me being a teenager and moving from our small town in Kentucky to Florida? Wait, I was really never too accommodating but did go through a rebellious stage as a teenager, so I am saying No on this too!
Trait 7: Aimless: According to research middle children feel it is useless to aim for anything in life. Again NO! I believe with God's help each and every one of us can accomplish anything. As I stated in previous post I am very determined so after my rebellious stage as a teenager I was determined to finish High School so after school and work, I went to night school, summer school every summer to try to catch up on my credits and I did so with very high grades and I was the first child to finish High School. Later I decided to go to college and obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Law, again with high grades. I then decided to become a realtor. You needed a score of 70 to be eligible to take the state exam. Some might just aim for the 70 but my personality would never allow such a thing.....I aimed for 100%. Did I get it? No, I got a 96 but the point is I apparently do not suffer from this trait.
Trait 8: Jealousy of your siblings: The only thing I can ever remember being jealous over is my older brother amazing musical talent. Both sides of my family are very musically inclined. My father is a musician and my mom would sing in his band(s) and everyone else on both sides can play a musical instrument and sing. I couldn't sing at all as a child, my talent blossomed later in life which made it hard coming from a very musically inclined family, which of course made me jealous of my older brother's talent. I am still a little jealous of his God given talent but also very proud!
If you are a middle child and suffer from these traits my heart just breaks for you and I just want to help! However, middle children do have some great traits as well:
1. Very Fair and Justified: I have always been very good at looking at both sides of the coin and understanding where all parties are coming from, even if it is against my opinion. This makes sense if you are a middle child as you are always stuck in the middle.
2. Excellent Negotiator: Again, this makes sense because we are always stuck in the middle which means we would/will have to negotiate with our other siblings.
3. Flexible: Again, this makes sense since one sibling may want to do one thing and the other sibling another. Guess that is why I can have fun in just about any situation (I make the best out of anything)

Parents, reading these traits just breaks my heart and I am so very thankful that I do not suffer from the negative traits of being a middle child. I urge you as parents please do some research and learn ways to help your middle child escape these traits.

With love to all the middle children #middlechildsyndrome #youareloved #overcome #loveyourself #youareenough