Happy Saint Patrick's Day

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Since Saint Patricks Day is tomorrow I thought we would start with a little St. Patrick's Day Quiz:


1.  What is the symbol of St. Patrick?

2.  When does St. Patrick's Day take place each year?

3.  Saint Patrick is the patron saint of which European Country?

4.  Many people belive that which animal does not exist in Ireland because of St. Patricks banished them away?

5.  By tradition, why do people put on green clothes on St. Patrick's Day?

6.  What was the name of St. Patrick at birth?

7.  In which city did the first St. Patrick's Day parade in the United States take place in 1762?

8.  Who kidnapped and took St. Patrick as a teenager from Britain to Ireland?

9.  Which meaning did Saint Patrick believe a clover leaf or shamrock symbolised?

10.  Which city in the United States dyes the river green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day each year?

11.  What color was originally associated with St. Patrick's Day?

12.  What does the name Patrick mean in Latin?

13.  According to Irish old stories, the walking stick of Saint Patrick once miraculously turned into what?

14.  What is the name of the bell that was removed from Saint Patrick's tomb 6 decades after his death?

15.  The Home of Saint Patrick Festival is head each year in which city?

16.  When did Saint Patrick start to spread Christianity to Ireland?

17.   What is special about March 17th?

18.  While green clothing is a tradition on Saint Patrick's Day, why did Irish people originally find it a bad color for outfits?

19.  What does the phrase Erin go bragh literally mean?

These questions are borrowed from www.welovequizzes.com but no cheating.  Test your Saint Patrick's Day knowledge.....yes there is so much more to Saint Patrick's Day then drinking green beer and partying.  Trivia is always fun so when your out tomorrow celebrating Saint Patrick's Day throw a few out and see if anyone knows!  I will post all the answers for you on my next blog so stayed tuned.

Be safe tomorrow evening, remember you can always get an Uber and enjoy!


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