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Happy Wednesday October 13th, 2021!


Sometimes I simply don't know what to blog about and then I am delivered a gift from God.  I was out running some errands during lunch and I was listening to talk radio, which I love to do, and gentleman called in regarding how we as a Nation need to bring God back to this country etc.  Now with that part I will 100% agree.  What I found funny was in the same breath he was supporting hate.  

He was speaking of the lack of support our current president has for our boarders and his words "they are all a bunch of criminals and they should be allowed into our country."  Wow, really!?  Every person who is entering America is a criminal?  Ok first thing is the Bible says God is love, to know God is to know love.  Does this sound loving to you?  It certainly doesn't to me, nor does it sound factual.  Secondly, I think WE, as a Nation, need to remember what this country is built on and how we became the great Nation that we are.  How...immigrants.  Let's face it people, unless you are full blooded American Indian your ancestors are not from here and were once immigrants too.  Your ancestors who came here worked hard and from working hard they built a life for their family and helped develop this country.

Granted, I will admit times have changed.  As people in general seem to lack the hard work gene, demand more money without earning it, and I will also admit that some immigrants want to change the core of what makes this country great!  However, with that being said we should also reference the Bible when Jesus tells us to never get tired of doing what is right.  With that, as God's people and/or Nation we must put love first, treat others the way we would want to be treated, and trust God for the rest.  Let's face it, God Will will be done regardless!

He also talked about things going on in our schools with gender etc and how it is a fight to get God back into the schools.  Again, I partially agree, as children these days seem to lack common respect for parents and those in authority.  I feel most of that comes from home, so sadly schools need to attempt to instill good morals into our children.  However, with that being said good morals and respect does not mean that you hate or disrespect those who identify as gay, no gender, he, she, they etc.  Again, God is love and he loves each and everyone of us.

In closing, I will say my opinion if you want to make a positive change it has to start with love!

Blessings and have a great Wednesday

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