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First let me start by saying I don't like the word hate.  I feel it is one of the strongest words in our vocabulary and I don't think that anyone truly hates anything or anyone.  Now with that being said, I can express to you how much I dislike having to do blogs and social media post!  Why, bother if I dislike it so much?  Well you see in this digital word I am at the mercy of advertising on social media, to help you get to know me and what I can offer you.  

Why do I dislike it so much?  I feel like it takes away time that I could be using to service my customers.  My customers come first, which is why you will see big gaps in my blogs and my social media post. I am not your average realtor who takes your listing and sits back and hope that it sells itself.  No, I am out passing out flyers, sending emails, passing out invites to Open Houses, holding Open Houses etc.  If you hire me to list your home I will work very hard everyday to get your home sold!  

When I have to take time away from doing activities to get your home sold, such as posting things on my blog and social media I feel as if I am robbing my customer.  Don't worry, I actually had a little free time today, so I am not doing a disservice to any of my customers today!  

I am very lucky to say that this is the only part of my job that I dislike.  I love every other aspect of my job but the thing I love the most is making people happy.  If it's hard for you to imagine how doing real estate to make others happy, I'll share a story with you:

I listed a house that had been listed with several other realtors prior to me, without success.  My customers had been trying to sell their home for over a year with only a few offers well below asking.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the house, except for traffic noise, in fact the home was almost 4,000 square feet all on one level, original owners who built the house, very well maintained, and almost everything in the home had been upgraded.

I got it under contract, had the inspection, and was waiting for the appraisal to come in.  When I got word that it appraised, I stopped and purchased a few boxes, shipping tape, a marker, and packing material and went to deliver the items to my customers to tell them it was time to pack.  The wife started to cry tears of joy, hugged, and thanked me.  That is one of the many reason I love what I do!

To end, I just wanted to share with you why you will see gaps in my blogs and/or social media post, but my customer (you) will always come first.  I hope you find what I post helpful and enjoyable but, again, I will always put you first!  

Thank you and I wish you a good day.

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