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I am sometimes at a loss at what to blog about, but today I have decided to talk about relationships and marriage, as I feel it is important that you know who I am as a person too, not just a realtor. First, I think that people think marriage is going to be easy and walk away from the commitment they made way to easy and fast, marriage is suppose to be forever, not I feel like it right now. As many things in life, I feel if we put our trust in the Lord and focus on him he is the clue that will help keep marriages together. Granted I am not saying if you are in an abusive relationship that God would want you to stay in that relationship, but people walk away from marriages over minimal things!

This year will mark 21 years of marriage for Tom and I. Has it always been easy? No! Has it been worth fight for? 100%! Things that have helped us stay madly in love for 23 years together:
1. Having God in our relationship, as Tom had to put up with a lot of attitude prior to God transforming my life.
2. Tom is just an amazing man and human, so that has been the easiest part but I have still had to turn to God during our marriage (mostly for my own issues)
3. RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT!!! If you have respect for one another even in tough times you will not say words that you will later regret. Love and respect also makes you want to see the other person happy so it is easy to give up things for the other person and to say please and thank you etc.
4. Trust and communication I feel is key as well. In our 23 years of being together have we had hard conversations? Yes! Have we come out better and stronger because of it? Yes!
5. Laughter is great medicine so make sure you laugh together!

Things worth fighting for are always hard...remember that and remember to invite God into your marriage and don't walk away from your commitment. Last piece of advise is this....start over if you need fell in love with that person for a reason so remember those reason, go on dates and find that person you fell so deeply in love with! Blessings to you all.