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What are your passions?  Regardless of our passions, I am sure that every passion can be used to help others!  Every career choose I have made as an adult has been to help others, as that is one of my passions.  In college, I worked at a mental hospital and worked on ICU-1.  I won't release the name of the hospital because prior to my employment the other staff just basically served the food and used the rest of the time to socailize with each other.  Our title was life skill technicians and part of my personality is to do everything I do to the best of my ability and I was passionate about making a difference and letting those with mental illness know that they are still loved (as my unit worked with severe mental illnesses).  

Upon arrival, it was getting an update from night shift staff and waiting for the patients to wake up.  Once the patients started to get up and about we would serve them breakfast.  After breakfast, we would take them out on a smoke break.  After that I would hold groups with the patients or depending on patients at the time I would take them outside and play kickball or some kind of activity to keep them busy until lunch, granted this was a locked down facility so the outside space was still locked and secure but at least the patients were out excersing and getting fresh air.   We would servce lunch, then out for another smoke break for the patients, and then I would hold another group with them prior to the end of my shift.  Now in between all this there were getting the patients in to see the doctor, helping the nurse with medication, and of course working at a mental hopsital there were times that we would have to take down a patient.  I loved this job and was very passionate about making a difference, which I could share story after story.

After that job, I started working for a huge national law firm that helped disabled individuals get on Social Security Disability.  I worked there for 15 years and loved my job, as again I thought I was making a differnce.  I then started to pray about my next career path, as the law firm was closing offices and I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay in the legal field or not.  I knew that when I prayed about it, I wanted another job where I could help people and God led me to real estate.  Now you may be asking how am I helping others by doing real estate?  

Well, let me tell you that since I have become a realtor I get very frustrated with other realtors.  The lack of response, the lack of following the laws set forth, and lack of knowledge is truly unbelieveable.  Am I saying I have all the answers?  No!  However, I care enough about you and my job to ask when I don't know.  I also care enough about you and my job that a lack of response is just something that you will NEVER get from me.  Working at a law firm for 15 years certainly taught me great customer service, as cases take years to resolve so you better take great care of your customers!  Mission statement I practice daily.  Because I care, I also provide skillful, sincere, compassionate customer care.  You have a problem means we have a problem and together we will get through it.

In my spare time, I also volunteer with feeding the homeless, go to Haiti on mission trips, back to school events to help under resourced in our community,  and Angel Tree at Christmas.  Again, your passion regardless of what it is can be used to help others.  We will continue to explore how you can do this regardless of your passion and I would almost bet you that if you use your passion to help or serve others you will just fall more in love with what you love!

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