People are just doing their jobs so be nice!

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Ok I am going to take a little time to vent but first I'll ask a few questions.

1.  If you started your own business how would you start developing a customer base?  Of course the answer is going to depend largely on what time of business you start.  For me, I have to cover many bases.  I blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, hit expired listings, etc etc as I don't want to give away all my secrets but the last one I will share if farming.  

2.  Farming, is picking a neighborhood you would like to become the "Realtor" in and get the residence to know you as their local realtor.  To do so this, in part, requires me to knock on your door.  I haven't done so since COVID 19 because I don't know how people will feel about it.  Anyway, even though most people are very nice I do run across people who just shake their heads and slam the door in my face.  I must ask why?  Listen, I am a home owner as well so I get being relaxed and comfortable and someone knocking on your door, and a stranger at that.  However, I am never mean or rude to people who knock on my door.  Why?  For several reasons....One they are human beings and I don't see the point in being mean.  Two, is I realize, like me, they are just out working hard trying to create a customer base.  I have had people say if I want a realtor I know where to find one.  This is true, but the point you are missing is I want to be the one you find.

3.  Are you rude to cold callers?  I don't do this, for the most part, because again I am a respectful person so if your phone is on the Do Not Call Registry (DNR) guess what I won't call you.  My number is on the do not call registry but being a real estate agent I get companies calling me none stop about health insurance, buying leads, etc.  Even though my number is on the DNR I am still kind, at first.  Again, you might ask why.  Again, I will tell you I just don't find it necessary to be mean to people.  However, some callers are like typical salespeople and they push and push and push after many no thank yous or I'm not interested.  When they keep pushing me I will kindly tell them I am trying to continue to be nice to you but I have expressed several times that I am not interested, so please do force me to be rude.  If I say this and they continue to push, I will respond ok I have told you I'm not interested and I have asked you to not force me to be rude so I am hanging up now.

I know you are probably reading this thinking several things....

1.  Yeah, aren't realtors sales people.  I guess some are but I am not like most realtors.  I care about my customers and do not see you as a number or just money in my pocket, which you can tell from reading my reviews.

2.  You might also be thinking...well how am I suppose to know you aren't like every other person who knocks on my door wanting to sale something.  My answer to that would be don't assume and take the time to speak to me.  Furthermore, at the point when I am cold knocking on your door my objective is to develop a working relationship with you, not to get your listing right then and there.

Moral of my blog....I am out working very hard to have a successful small business, please realize that.  Also, just be kind to people.  We are all in this together and if we all work together we can make the world a much kinder happier place to reside.

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