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Some of my other passions are singing and dancing which apparently helps me more than I knew, according to the quote in the image.  Now let's address the possible ways you could use singing and dancing to serve others.  I know, I have heard singers that either bring me to tears or give me chills, which in turn makes me feel good.  I especially love watch young talent, as I get so impressed and proud that God has provided them with such a gift, which again increase the endorphins which help me feel better.

Personally speaking, I get so much joy out of watching people do what they love, so again another release of endorphins.  I come from a very musically inclined family and music has always been a huge part of my life, so I might get more joy out of it then others.  However, I do sing and will remember what hearing others sing does for me.  I even love just sitting back an listening to a good guitar riff!  

I also get the same enjoyment when I dance or watch others dance.  Dancing is also a great form of exercise which again release endorphins in the brain.  Ok I know I said the topic was how to use your passions to serve others so let's explore that:


1.  Sing in a church band, which helps others worship and again if your good give us that endorphin release

2.  Go to the hospital or nursing homes and perform for patients

3.  Volunteer to perform for charities event

4.  If your talented you can use your talent to help a child who has the same passion but may not be able to afford any formal training.


1.  Again, perform in church.  Many dancers are performing in churches now.  I have had to pleasure of seeing this on a few occasions and it is beautiful to watch.

2.  Number 2-4 apply to this as well.

Do what you love and it matters!

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